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Pacifist not Passive

Like a sitting duck

We are prey

We are not human

Humanity is for those who pray

My existence is contingent on enduring the pain of the unspoken rules

My life matters less because they say so

My rights are not human

I am a monster of their creation

How dare an enemy combatant be educated? - they say

Who would teach a womb to speak? - they say

Where is the devil when you need him? - they ask

Drag the feminine rage to hell - they plead

Scrape me from the earth like scum

I am not worthy of a place to be

For we are not worthy of space amongst the rule makers and enforcers

We are not men or their proxies

Our holding of the masculine and feminine is unwanted

Our existence, our lives, our humanity is perched precaariously on the broken bones of spineless institutions

They'd rip out our throats if they could

Feed us the fruit of the poisonous tree

Laugh as they whip us

Thrash as we continue to exist

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Thanks for your interest in my rambling writing and other endeavors. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get right back to you.

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